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Men To Avoid #12: Social Networker

Codename: The Social Networker

Excuse me, you can’t do that, smile all innocently and pretend you didn’t just disappear for a month… Everyone needs a vacation darling. Let’s call it research. Anyway, The Social Networker…

How do I spot him? Hooded sweater, jeans, he’ll ask for your facebook and twitter accounts before he asks for your phone number.

Why should I worry? Because facebook and twitter should be banned from dating altogether – find out someone’s stories the old fashioned way! And The Social Networker uses his accounts in a frenzy: flirting, chatting and tweeting with a million women at the same time, in public! You’ll end up addicted.

Sounds awful. Yep. Your New Year’s Resolution is to ban facebook and twitter from your dating life. There’s a reason you own a cellphone.

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