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Men To Avoid #11: El Gringo

Codename: El Gringo (man that’s a hard code to crack)

Oh. No. You. Didn’t… Yeah I did, although it’s pretty damned obvious. Let’s face it, dating your fellow gringo is not the smartest move…

Why? Because most foreign men will tell you the same – that the Colombianas they meet are more beautified, more devoted and far more likely to choose a cosy night on the sofa with them than a night on the town with the girls…

Who could compete with that? Well, what do we have in our favour? The fact we’re considered more independent or more accustomed to splitting the check? Or that we’re a bit more relaxed when it comes to say, a lads’ weekend away?

Not much of an arsenal… There are some battles you can’t win honey… fancy a few vinoswith the girls on Friday night instead?

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