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Hot Date Spot #7: La Vecindad

Hot Date Spot: La Vecindad (Clle 67 #8 – 01)

Even you wouldn’t go on a date to a place where the staff wear fancy dress… Oh yes I would. I think La Vecindad is great. All that comfort Mexican food, drizzling tacos, sizzling fajitas. If he can’t handle that, he’s far too uptight…

But it’s based on that Mexican TV show… La Vecindad del Chavo? I can’t say I’m a fan but that doesn’t mean I don’t admire the effort. The staff must be gritting their teeth, but the place cheers me up anyway.

Who should I take? I imagine you’ll invite The Penniless Poser against my advice. In which case you’ll be glad that the prices are reasonable.

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