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Blonde Music Tip #7: Cabas

Blonde Music Tip: Andrés Mauricio Cabas Rosales

You like Costeños, don’t you? Ha, is it obvious? Well I do like Cabas, he may have been born in Barranquilla but he soon moved to Bogotá. Anyway, as the son of a composer, his musical talent and skills are vast. He was also supposedly inspired to produce his first album – Cabas – because he felt so down and depressed, missing his homeland, when he was in New York.

A man after my own heart… I agree. Cabas’ voice is beautiful in its simplicity, the melodies are fab. I like Bonita because it’s so simple and catchy. I know others adore Mi Bombón and La Cadena de Oro too. Like so many talented Colombian performers, Cabas has found a way to mix a jumble of musical genres and make it work.

He’s a man of many talents too right? Absolutely. Cabas has written children’s songs and also composed theatre scores. With his level of musical talent – proficient in everything from piano to percussion – the breadth of his work is not surprising.

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