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Blonde Music Tip #6: Fonseca

Blonde Music Tip: Fonseca (Juan Fernando Fonseca)

Oh you are so predictable… Why? Because I have a date with Fonseca this evening? You know, it’s not strictly a date, so much as…

A ticket to the concert? Alright, alright. Anyway, Fonseca is a true city boy, although he did study music in Miami too. His stuff is pop, no doubt, but it has a bit of the old vallenato and cumbia blended in too. Te Mando Flores was probably the biggest hit, which came from the 2005 album Corazon.

Anything else we should know? Erm, Fonseca’s wife Juliana Posada is an athlete and Pilates specialist. Oh and they announced the birth of their daughter – Paz Fonseca Posada – on Twitter, which is so with the times.

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