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Blonde Dating Tip #2: Slow Down

Blonde Dating Tip: Slow Down

Good Lord, are you giving driving advice now? Hardly. I’m talking about the speed of Colombian dating. Personally, I prefer it but it takes some getting used to. Mostly because it’s so different to the speed with which we date in the US, England, Australia etc.

Explain! Well, if we meet someone we like we generally see them pretty soon. It wouldn’t be outrageous to meet someone on a Thursday, see them on Saturday, then again on Wednesday, then Saturday etc. If you liked them and vice versa.

But in Colombia? The pace is different. I don’t know if it’s because lots of people are juggling with arroz en bajo, or because guys have to save their cash between dates or simply that people are more cautious. You can go weeks between dates without giving up hope.

I thought Latin guys were fast? Some may be but in terms of blonde girls, the guys who bombard you immediately are classics like The Trophy Hunter, The Desperate Dreamer and, worst of all, The Visa Vanquisher. Stick to the slow ones darling.

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