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Blonde Beauty Tip #1: The Mini-Mani

Blonde Beauty Tip: The Mini-Mani

Er, what? Oh please keep up. I’m talking about a quick, mid-week nail polish fix. It’s the only way to keep your nails presentable…

Why? We all know how much Bogotanos like their manicures. But Saturday is often the only chance to sit down for a full, hour-long effort. A mini-mani, on the other hand, is a clean-and-repaint job that takes less than 10 minutes.

When? Go on Wednesday. That’s when the chip-and-flake really sets in.

Isn’t that a bit indulgent? No, darling, just think about it for a second. A full manicure costs as little as 7,000 pesos and takes an hour. This costs 3,000 pesos and takes the beautician no time at all. Everybody wins.

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