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Men To Avoid #2: Mummy’s Minion

Codename: The Mummy’s Minion

How to spot him: Answering his phone on transmilenio with the immortal words: «Holaaa Mamiiiiita,»

Why should I worry? Erm, so, this might seem like the perfect man – soft, cuddly, stay-at-home, overly attentive to your every need. But the Mummy’s Minion is actually just waiting for that special day when he can take you home to sup the old girl’s ajiaco. Take a good look at this woman. She’s the love of his life…

Where can I find him? Suited, booted, bussing it home. Pint in a chain pub on Friday. Coffee with mum in the mall on Saturday.

How to escape? Fight with mummy. Either that or develop an allergy to potato soup.

The Bogotá Blonde


Where you’ll find him: Suited, booted, bussing it home. Either drinking a pint in the pub