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Blonde Dating Tip #1: Cats and Strings

Blonde Dating Tip: Cats and Strings

Er, what? As you know, dating is a science which means psychologists are all over its mechanics. Most of their research helps out the men (traditionally the ones who take the lead) but there’s no reason why we can’t take a sneak peak…

And the cats? Well, the cat string theory is a classic piece of dating psychology. Think about a cat. Dangle a string in front of it and it will play for hours. But drop the string in its lap and it will stand up, yawn and walk away.

Yuk, that sounds like a grandmother’s advice about not… Haha, well your grandmother might be right about that one. But it could just be about being more aloof and mysterious, having other interests and not being too available. There’s no harm in screening the odd phone call, is there?

I can see this ‘psychology’ is going to become a thing… Damned right it is. Let the games begin.

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