July 17, 2023

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Francisco Palmieri, United States Ambassador in Colombia


Notifications by email are made under California, United States Federal, and Colombian civil codes; criminal laws will also apply for constitutional rights violations.


                       ANY INQUIRIES DIRECT TO: [email protected]

His Excellency,


My name in the United States is Benjamin Kardenio Bustillo, in Colombia Cardenio Benjamin Bustillo Angulo, and my pseudonym is Ben Bustillo. I am 73 years old, have both nationalities, reside in both countries, Los Angeles in the United States, and am presently in Barranquilla, where I was born.

However, I need to correct my birthplace, since I recently discovered that I was born in the farmhouse my parents had near the corregimiento of Juan Mina, which had territorial jurisdiction of the land back in 1950. I also found much more information related to my family and inheritance over the last two years, maybe less.

In California, I was ruled disabled for a heart condition and other ailments by the Social Security Administration Court of Appeals, where I represented myself, as of February 1, 2010, on July 24, 2018.

In 2003 I obtained a Certificate in Journalism from the UCLA Extension; in 2016 an AA Degree in Liberal Arts concurrently with a Paralegal Certificate approved by the ABA in the Los Angeles City College, and in 2019, a master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in Criminal Justice from Northcentral University, now, National University.

I held for several decades the California Real Estate Broker’s license, a Tax Practitioner license, as well as a Notary Public Commission. My professional background includes New York and Colorado Real Estate Broker’s licenses for several years.

When in business previously, I represented myself in several civil litigations, including lawsuits against State and Federal judges. I did not win, but all those judges lost their tenures.


In my discoveries, I found that one sister in conspiracy with her two children and my other two sisters committed a fraudulent legal process to deprive me of my inheritance rights; first, the one coming from my father in 1991, and the other coming from my mother in 2012. The latter one was also done by the children of one of my brothers, Lizardo (+).

Continuing with the investigation I uncovered that my father was influenced to sign as sales two pieces of land, one (170 hectares) to Natan Lustgarten (+) bypassing my mother’s signature; the second piece (19.5 hectares,) to Shigekt Tatekawa (+) without my mother’s signature, there was no money exchanged and with my father’s name incomplete.

In the 170 hectares is a natural well gas mine, which was in the process of being exploited by Lewis Energy, whom I evicted from, but they have retained some equipment without my permission. Lewis Energy and one of its attorneys have engaged with an office of the Barranquilla’s mayor to fraudulently allow them to continue. A civil lawsuit that also contains criminal charges against all – including the mayor and governor – is in the process of completion.

And the third piece of land (30 hectares,) my sisters and two of the children of one of them, all alive, with the assistance of a local lawyer and the Notary to transfer title from my mother with a falsified power of attorney, just by comparing the signature of her personal identification (Cédula) with the one in the power of attorney.

Coincidently, (not really) all three transactions occurred at the Notaria 3a of Barranquilla, which has a well-known reputation for violating laws to favor the oppressors. In other words, criminally corrupted.

And the last reason is that there is a neighbor behind my small piece of land, who has a shady business related to cowskin, without ANY LICENSING whatsoever, connecting illegally to public services passing and using my private land without my consent, and as a matter of fact, under the bribing of the police force and public functionaries, whose names will be listed below By the way, these two men, father, and son have threatened my life before (filed a complaint with the police and fiscal without any protection or investigation.)

Furthermore, just a few days ago, I was harassed by police officer Lambraño and three more, who accosted me INSIDE MY PROPERTY, with false allegations concerning visits to my lot with a traumatic gun to defend myself, which is completely legal in Colombia. I carry the gun in the trunk of my car, and once I enter my property, I hang it next to my waist, to defend myself.

Moreover, a sicario from the father and son criminal enterprise who works in their factory, IN FRONT OF THE FOUR POLICE OFFICERS, threatened my life. When I asked Lambraño to arrest him, he mounted his motorcycle, telling the other officers “Let the cachacos kill this son of a bitch.”

The situation is bigger than it appears to be because of the dispute of these lands, which first, represents to me a future value of more than US$500 million (I am the only heir,) and second, includes the Governor (Atlántico), Mayor (Barranquilla) Juan Mina Police Station, CAI 38 Police Station, and El Bosque Police Station.

Area in dispute:


  1. Alvaro Muñoz, father and Alvaro Muñoz son, the neighbors who operate an illegal business and it will not surprise me if they are also in the illegal drugs trade, have no permits to operate any construction, business license, or semi-truck traffic on an unpaved and semi-private road, connected illegally to public service with Air e and Triple AAA. He is also contaminating a creek and the neighbor’s lands, including mine.
  2. Boris Lustgarten, this name could bring the identities of other individuals operating in Juan Mina, probably in drug trafficking, to other federal agencies.
  3. Diana Lustgarten, who has continued a legal process without standing violating criminal laws.
  4. Jaime Lustgarten, brother of Boris and Diana, who even though is not on title of the 170 hectares, was an heir as well whose share was negotiated with other properties.
  5. Ruben and Enrique Daza, 2 brothers, whose mother sold a piece of their land to the cowskin business, but the rumors are that they belong to one of the groups dealing with drugs in Juan Mina.
  6. Lewis Energy, my research indicates that this business has NO legal formation in Colombia.
  7. Roger Cardenas Mogollon, an attorney appearing to be representing Lewis Energy; however, I never received any notification from him as required by law, and I learned it from a fraudulent notification violating legal rules and procedures from one of Jaime Pumarejo’s (Barranquilla Mayor).
  8. Doris Velez Giraldo, a Secretary for the District of Barranquilla.
  9. Jaime Pumarejo, Barranquilla’s Mayor. I have personally and publishing notified him of all my legal processes according to Colombia’s laws.
  10. Elsa Noguera, the Governor of the Atlántico Department, has also been notified according to Colombia’s law.
  11. Elsa Noguera and Jaime Pumarejo are participants of the Char family political group, well known by the United States Government for their association with drug-dealing Colombian groups. In fact, some members of this family are on the Clinton list and have no visa to enter the United States, as you well know.

I have contemplated thoroughly this communication and of course, it produces some type of nerve in me, but I am not afraid to confront this situation, even though I was also advised that the Char family has a criminal arm who can dispose of the lives of their adversaries.

And know well how corrupt the judicial system in both countries is, but a system I have used always to fortify my defense is suing opponents’ lawyers, and judges who stupidly violate laws and rules of procedure. I will use it here too.

I have not researched yet what aid the Embassy can provide me, because of its unique circumstance; however, I will do it later and hope that suggestions or guidelines from the Embassy can follow privately at the email provided on this notification.



Benjamin K Bustillo

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