On behalf of the previously categorized underdeveloped countries around the world, I welcome and extend their hands for help guiding the United States and its politicians through their grandiose entrance to what they baptized as “Banana Republics.”

Three lines of thought are considered political philosophies as right-center-left ideologies. With these types of candidates for the presidency of the United States in the twenty-first century, we are observing and witnessing history in the making that all lack the major pillars of governing the theoretical and ignorant human life, a core of their philosophy.

Trump’s internal aspiration is to become a dictator; Biden, we all know it, is too senile but better than Trump. The other deserves only the comparison of a brain parasite-eaten man only because of his last name, Kennedy. However, I observed that all he wants is to prove to the political parties in power that he can still gather support, a small quantity, which does not impact a nationwide power balance.

Analyzing the Popular Votes in 2016 first, Clinton vs Trump, was 65,853,514 to Clinton winning by 2,868,686, and Trump 62,984,828; and in the 2020 presidential election Biden obtained 81,283,501 votes to Trump’s 74,223,975, winning by 7,059,526 votes.

So, in 2016 and 2020, the majority of the country voted for the democratic line of thinking, and the electoral vote was in 2016 for Trump instead of Clinton, in 2020 for Biden.

The GOP, on the other hand, has fallen into the direction of the tyrannical wannabe dictator to feed his ego, a convicted felon in that order. What could I answer if one of my grandchildren asked me about their philosophy?

Conservative ideas? Retrograde definitions of behavioral skills? Criminal acting? Evangelical clouds with vane rewards? To be double-faced? Racist? Profits-for-us only?

Are these the standards required to belong to the Republican Party? (Whites-only or wannabe whites like Justice Thomas -remember him?) More importantly, the image transmitted to the world leaders, more specifically, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and Israel of a banana republic in Trump’s hands? Remember what he did when he was president with NATO and what he does now?

Democrats are not too far from what they describe as a doctrine of morality, religion, and ethics. But between the two, the difference I find is that Democrats give one ample attitude to believe what you choose; Republicans want to impose their criteria as one truth. But veracity has too many definitions.

It will be perilous if Trump is elected, but it will not happen. This is why I think it will not:

  • My view is based on the bipartisan support given by GOP Congress and Senate who voted with Speaker Mike Johnson and Senate’s minority leader, Mitch McConnell by passing 96% of bills in 2024. https://senatedemocrats.wa.gov/blog/2024/03/22/nearly-96-percent-of-bills-passed-in-2024-received-bipartisan-support/.
  • One-hundred-one in Congress and twenty-five Republicans in the Senate voted in favor of the trillion-dollar bill, signifying to me that, even if it is a low percentage voting reduction from the constituents represented by these congresspeople, it will certainly impact Trump’s election results to an even lower popular election he obtained in 2020, including the electoral vote.
  • One thing they could do is to vote for Biden or not to vote for Trump. As simple as that!
  • Culminating the research, I concluded that during Biden’s government, the political power has maintained a bipartisan method of governing demonstrating to me, that support for Biden from the real Republicans is still alive but dormant.

The GOP is internally divided and for the time being, in the hands of a convicted felon who has not yet paid his debt to society; to worsen the situation, no one wants to confront the wannabe dictator leaving the flow of business run without control until his political death or a new generation take control of the institution’s reins.

The two realities syndrome (is not West-East) developing on the globe is resurrecting past errors from previous generations by escalating the copying of the dominant class looking for control to resuscitate religious practices, therefore structuring your way of living and thinking with specific doctrines.

The results of those changes wanting to happen for conservatism can also be noticed in the past election in the European Union; contrary to what has happened in those countries that were previously defined as banana republics in Latin America, leftist governments have been elected democratically not because of a political party but because people found new politicians to give them a chance to transfer richness to another group of people. Corruption never ends no matter in whose hands governments are.

In the past debate, the erratic behavior of a convicted felon and a walking cadaver was overwhelming to assimilate any position for the future of the country. There was no concreteness! It enhanced the cruel reality of the country, and it was more coincidental to the uncivilized and underdeveloped countries, as the United States is showing the world they are now.

There is no logical solution with either one of them. Trump could become a dictator out of a free election with global consequences of his political behavior with the United States’ Alliances. The world would be more chaotic than what is now a non-called-yet Third World War. We are in one that resembles no comparisons to the past ones, still refusing to recognize it.

Re-electing Biden, the transitional phase of changes in the administration is nullified and the world continues to function without pauses in the same manner is running now.

Really, does the decision of SCOTUS on Trump’s immunity deserve a short answer or a full article for itself, or just a mention in this article? How can it be valid if it is tainted by the opinion of two openly Justices belonging to a supremacist group, and the rest of the conservative Justices have no jurisdiction nor immunity by ruling in favor of Trump when they do not represent the majority of the people? One can simply define it as acquired jurisdiction, right?

What Democrats fear of Biden, is not his age; they are frightened that if Biden is elected and dies within the next four years making Kamala the President. Here is what and where the core matter consists with no apparent solution; suggestions, many, and one of them is to replace as the candidate for the Vice-Presidency Kamala Harris replacing her with Gavin Newson.

Both from California, he with more political power, is young, charismatic, and has a small national exposure. Her, people do not see her as President nor as a continuance after Biden’s second term (assuming he is elected and does not die during this term,) contrary to Newson either as replacing the Presidency because of death, or termination of the presidential period.

Here is a crazy prediction: Biden does not change Kamala, they are re-elected, Biden dies, Kamala becomes president, and then, Trump takes control of power by a coup d’état dethroning Kamala.

Or, with the SCOTUS decision, Biden could easily do what Trump tried to do, a coup d’état.

Very appropriate for a Banana Republic!

Vote for Biden though.

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