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Motion city soundtrack –//PhotoMusic//– Radiohead

"Red wine and sleeping pills, help me get back to your arms Cheap sex and sad films, help me get where I belong I think you're crazy, maybe. I think you're crazy, maybe" Motion city soundtrack, Radiohead "Stop sending letters, letters always get burned It's not like the movies, they fed us on little... Ver post completo.

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Skeletons –//PhotoMusic//– Yeah Yeah Yeahs

"Love, my name. Love, left dry. Frost or flame. Skeleton me." Skeletons, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. "Fall asleep. Spin the sky. Skeleton me. Wait, don't cry." Anterior entrada Video Para ver la fotografía y escuchar la canción: FotoBlog Sígueme en twitter: @SeAdultera...

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Heavy seas of love –//PhotoMusic//– Damon Albarn

"When your soul isn’t right and it’s raw to the night, it’s in your hands When the traces of dark come to fade in the light, you’re in safe hands" Heavy seas of love, Damon Albarn "When the world is to tall you can jump you won’t fall, you’re in safe hands What the day will now give how... Ver post completo.