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Nude –// PhotoMusic //– Radiohead

9153852315_bd52414627_b.jpg"Don't get any big ideas; they're not gonna happen. You paint yourself white, and fill all the holes; There'll be something missing. Now that you've found it, It's gone. Now that you feel it, You don't. You've gone off the rails." Nude, Radiohead "So don't get any big ideas; they're not gonna happen. You'll... Ver post completo.

Publicado el Juan Moncayo

Mysterons –// PhotoMusic //– Portishead

8973449505_1481f94211_o.jpg"Divine upper reaches Still holding on This ocean will not be grasped All for nothing" Mysterons, Portishead "Refuse to surrender Strung out until ripped apart Who dares, who dares to condemn All for nothing" Para ver la fotografía y escuchar la canción: FotoBlog Sígueme en twitter: @SeAdultera... Ver post completo.