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Blonde Art Tip #6: Édgar Negret

Blonde Art Tip: Édgar Negret Ahhh, I thought it was about time for a sculptor… Damn right and funnily enough, most people will have seen Negret's work in Bogotá without having a clue who he is... Are you going to enlighten us? Yep. Have you seen that tall red 'cascade' sculpture in Parque Virrey?... Ver post completo.

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Bizarre Dating Ritual #15 : Fake Sulk

Bizarre Dating Ritual: The Fake Sulk That sounds awful... It would be awful, if it wasn't so funny... I assume a sulk is what I think it is... Oh, it's exactly that. The cold shoulder and highly disappointed face that follows any sort of rejection, from refusing to go home with a young man to explaining... Ver post completo.

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Blonde Spanglish #7: The ‘Affair’

Blonde Spanglish: The 'Affair' This is one of my favourites... I know, it is so unfortunate. A beautiful, blonde friend of ours was trying to politely describe an arroz en bajo relationship she'd experienced in Santa Marta to some posh Colombian friends. The relationship hadn't ended well but she was... Ver post completo.

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Hot Date Spot #13: Lipstick (Zona T)

Hot Date Spot: Lipstick (Clle 85 # 11 - 64, 2nd floor) Ha, a typical woman’s bar... yep and that’s just how we like them. Lipstick is fabulous - dusky pink, half-hidden and with a tribute to Amy Winehouse painted on the wall. It’s a great place for a date but equally, you could just get the girls... Ver post completo.