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Blonde Spanglish #4: Let’s Talk

Blonde Spanglish: Let's Talk This already sounds ominous... Definitely! This is one where you seriously need to take some precautions with your Spanish... What happened? Well, a Colombian beau and I were having a conversation about one thing or another, when I said: "I want to discuss...," (discutir)... Ver post completo.

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Bizarre Dating Ritual #11: I’ll Call You

Bizarre Dating Ritual: I'll Call You Don't call me... I'll call you? No, it's more like: "Would you like to do something later?" and you reply: "Yes, that would be lovely," so he says: "Okay great, I'll call you," ... So far, so normal... Yep, except you don't know what you are doing, where you are... Ver post completo.

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Hot Date Spot #10: La Herencia

Hot Date Spot: La Herencia (Kr 9 # 69a - 26) Mmm, I smell brunch... You mean jazz brunch darling and, yes, the lazy Sunday breakfasts at this place are incredible, especially when they're washed down with a cheeky mimosa or two... Is it expensive? All-you-can eat brunch will set you back around 35,000... Ver post completo.

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Blonde Music #5: Totó la Momposina

Blonde Music Tip: Toto la Momposina Now that's a cool lady... Yep, Toto is from one of those musical families and has been influenced by everything, from her childhood near Mompos to her time in Bogota and the years she spent studying music in Paris... And the music? Colombia personified, Toto (Sonia... Ver post completo.

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Bizarre Dating Ritual #10: No Notice

Bizarre Dating Ritual: No Notice Hmmm, I suspect I'm not a fan of this... Me neither! What is it with potential suitors calling you at 7pm and suggesting you meet for dinner in, hello, an hour-and-a-half? When did that become acceptable? ... Maybe we should be more spontaneous? And scruffy? And available?... Ver post completo.