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Bizarre Dating Ritual #1: The Taxi Date

Bizarre Dating Ritual: The Taxi Date What on Earth? Yep, if it happened to a Colombian friend of mine it can happen to you. There she was, all polished and princess-like, ready for her date ... when the guy turned up in his taxi. So far, so acceptable. Acceptable, that is, until he started accepting... Ver post completo.

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Men To Avoid #1: The Rich Boy Romeo

Codename: The Rich Boy Romeo How to spot him: Deliberately messy hair, self conscious clothes, iPhone addiction... Why should I worry? Because Bogotá rich boys have a bad blonde girl habit and they're used to getting what they want. He may take you to fancy places, pick up the tab and wax lyrical... Ver post completo.

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Presenting The Bogotá Blonde

Hola and welcome to everything you need to know to survive, thrive and downright keep your sanity when it comes to life as a Bogotá blonde. And when I say blonde, I mean foreign, you know, gringa, so if you look different - hang it, you are different lady - then this blog is for you. The Bogotá Blonde... Ver post completo.