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Men To Avoid #9: The Visa Vanquisher

Codename: The Visa Vanquisher

How do I spot him? Backpack. He also owns several framed prints of the Flat Iron Building.

Why should I worry? Let’s talk about the moment when a would-be groom gets down on one knee and begs the love of his life to marry him, with Mozart playing and a waiter serving strawberries dipped in chocolate…

Eurgh! Okay, okay. But do you really want all that ruined by the bulky spousal visa form you can see sticking out of his pocket?

Where do I find him? Barbecues and house parties. He invites himself with the words: «I want to meet all your foreign friends.»

How do I escape? Write to Santos. Can citizenships be traded yet?

The Bogotá Blonde