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Men To Avoid #15: The City Hipster

Codename: The City Hipster

Why should I worry? You shouldn’t worry, it will be your family and friends who’ll be coping with the instagram photo stream, the oversized ironic shoes and glasses, the moth-eaten thrift shop handbags and the trucker baseball caps.

What?! Ha, well, that’s the point of The City Hipster. Ironically, despite his I don’t-care-if-I’m-cool attitude, everything he does, wears and photographs is carefully researched and constructed to be as cool as possible… including you. So if you’re going to date this guy, do your homework. You might want to reconsider that ombré hair. It’s probably far too mainstream by now.

What’s the worst that can happen? Okay, while I admit I have a soft spot Bogotá hipsters on the basis that they are always entertaining (you never know what they are going to wear) he will be seriously self-centred. Chocolate on Women’s Day, for example, is way too uncool for The City Hipster. Plastic, see-through spectacles and lumberjack shirts, though, are not.

Where do I find him? Ha! I am far too mainstream to know.

How do I escape? Get Gomela darling. Less Amy Winehouse, more Blake Lively.

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