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Men To Avoid #14: The Psychologist

Codename: The Psychologist

Why should I worry? Surely, the clue is in the title. We all know the amount of research that goes into manipulating people to behave in a certain way (I hope to share some tips here) but there are some guys who take it way too seriously. They know the tricks of dating to the extent that you’ll end up going out with them even when you don’t want to. It happened to me.

How? Oh they’ll do everything from negative comments to modifying their tone of voice to make you feel attracted to them. There’s loads of stuff on the Internet if you’re not afraid to look.

How do I recognise him? He may wear weird clothes (google Peacocking) or talk to you in a familiar or abrupt manner, designed to break through your barriers. Worse, he just looks like any other guy in any other bar.

How can I escape? Google. There’s no other way I can save you. Good luck!

The Bogotá Blonde