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Men To Avoid #13: The Puppy Dog

Codename: The Puppy Dog

How to spot him: Dewy eyes, snuggly sweater, army of female ‘friends’…

Where would I find him? Candelario, Pravda, Hotel V

What’s the risk? Well, the Puppy Dog is the modern-day equivalent of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, except, it’s more like the player dressed as a puppy. He might come across as the sweetheart you just want to cuddle and care for but you won’t be the only one who, er, takes him out for walks. Nothing lets your guard down like a puppy…right?

What should I do? The Puppy Dog could be the scariest MTA of all. At least with the others you can see it coming. Just ignore your mutt-loving instincts here and remember the magic words: «Down Boy.» Either that or carry a stick.

The Bogotá Blonde