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Hot Date Spot #9: Cachao (Zona T)

Hot Date Spot: Cachao (Kr 13 # 82 – 54)

Saucy! Nope, this is the other kind of salsa. Actually, Cuban bar Cachao is a brilliant night out. We’re talking Zona Rosa prices – but if you’ve saved your pesos it’s worth dancing, drinking and indulging in some of their snacks too…

Is it worth it? I’m going with yes – they serve something like 15 different types of mojito, many named in honour of Fidel and Celia etc. and with flavors as diverse as coconut and lychee. The live music is always fab and the people can really dance here, but not in a condescending way.

Who should I take? Hmm. Maybe invite The Visa Vanquisher, a bit of salsa dancing might help him fall in love with this corner of the world again.

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