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Hot Date Spot #8: Gringo Tuesdays

Hot Date Spot: Gringo Tuesdays (La Villa – Kr 14a # 83 – 56)

The city’s biggest midweek night out… for a date? Ssshhh, you have to introduce him to your friends one day and La Villa is great, plenty of dark corners, always busy. At least there won’t be any awkward silences…

What do I get out of it? You get to dance, drink a few cocktails. Plus it’s a school night so you get to have that naughty, we-really-shouldn’t-be-out-now feeling and bond over a Wednesday hangover. You’re bound to have a laugh.

Who should I take? Erm, are you still not sure about The Smooth Seducer? If ever there was a test of his blonde girl fidelity… this is probably it…

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