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Hot Date Spot #5: Simon Bolivar Park

Hot Date Spot: Parque Simon Bolivar

Are you one of those picnic girls? No! Can you seriously imagine me smearing brie onto a Carulla bagette with a plastic knife? Never mind finding a spot free of kissing couples, yappy dogs and youthful footballers…

So why the park? It’s an atmosphere thing; all those athletic types, the lake, the birds, the maze-esque way you’re always lost. It’s romantic, especially if you get hit by the afternoon rains and have to seek shelter.

What’s in it for me? Besides the fresh air, the fried food and the frivolous fitness? Borrow a dog and you’ll see.

Who should I take? Invite The Trophy Hunter. He’s always so busy scanning dark nightclubs for blonde women, the daylight would probably do him good.

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