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Hot Date Spot #4: Pravda (Zona T)

Hot Date Spot: Pravda (Clle 83 # 12 – 20)

Sounds expensive… Oh it is, think 25,000 pesos for a martini and you have to order a martini, it’s the house special. But they are crazily strong and if you arrive early enough, or flirt enough, to grab a table on the front terrace, you’ll linger over your drink for hours…

What’s in it for me? The terrace is perfectly placed for a bit of Zona T people watching, especially if your date is a bit dull. If he’s not, then order the fondue – another house special – it’s romantic, couple-food at it’s finest.

Who should I take? Still have the Andres Addict in your phone? He’s bound to be a regular. Treat him to the mojito martini.

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