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Hot Date Spot #12: La Destilería

Hot Date Spot: La Destilería (Calle 85 # 12 – 91)

Surely that’s betraying your darling Pravda… I know! I do love Pravda, but it can be so exhausting trying to secure a table there.  La Destilería is the new Pravda, a fantastic martini menu, great atmosphere and still plenty of room.

Why is it so great? Have you tried their Porn Star martini? Its like a piece of theatre. First you have to scoop the passion fruit out of your creamy drink, then mix it all together in your mouth while drinking a glass of champagne on the side.

Champagne and a martini? Yup. The waiter brings you both and makes an effort to explain the exact technique for, er, downing your Porn Star. The martinis aren’t cheap at 25,000 pesos but this one is certainly worth it.

Any downsides? If you’re a beer or wine drinker, this might not be the one for you.

Who should I take? Well everyone knows you haven’t been able to shake The Puppy Dog from your system. He’s a player so he’ll love those martinis. Just make sure he leaves you neither shaken nor stirred.

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