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Hot Date Spot #11: City Mini Golf

Hot Date Spot: Golfito, Parque Mundo Aventura (Cra 71 D # 1 – 14 Sur)

Have you completely lost your mind? Not at all. Mini golf is a lovely date, albeit one that fails if your jeans are too tight…

But what’s in it for me? No-one could take mini golf too seriously so there’s no pressure, awkwardness nor risk of commitment here. You also get to be sassy and competitive and while that might not fit with the currently fashionable ‘princess’ style of dating, at least you get to go back to your roots.

Any advice? Wear something you can bend in. Oh and definitely make a bet with your date over the outcome. Then make sure you win (unless there’s a fragile ego at stake, in which case you’re on your own)

Who should I take? What about The Social Networker? He can hardly pull out his iPhone and start flirt-tweeting on the green… can he?

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