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Hot Date Spot #10: La Herencia

Hot Date Spot: La Herencia (Kr 9 # 69a – 26)

Mmm, I smell brunch… You mean jazz brunch darling and, yes, the lazy Sunday breakfasts at this place are incredible, especially when they’re washed down with a cheeky mimosa or two…

Is it expensive? All-you-can eat brunch will set you back around 35,000 pesos so the short answer is yes – but once you see the spread here, you’ll see why it’s worth living on arepas and the shoddiest corrientazos for the rest of the month. They serve everything from pancakes to calentaos.

Who should I take? Who’s left? Ah yes, The Desperate Dreamer. Well, I guess it’s difficult to feel claustrophobic in a place as lovely as this… just don’t let him get excited by the champagne and, er, propose or something…

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