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Blonde Travel Tip #8: Colombianisms

Blonde Travel Tip: Colombianisms

Ooh, Colombianisms, could that be because we’re in… Alright, save the sarcasm. I’m talking about those uses of language peculiar to Colombia that can make life difficult in other Spanish-speaking countries…

Such as? Well, «Me regalas…» for example. You’re more or less saying: «Please gift me…» which could be taken as: «I don’t expect to pay.» In Colombia, it’s just an expression. In Buenos Aires, they’ll probably throw you out of the restaurant.

Ouch… Yep. Be careful with «Que pena!» too. In Bogota it may mean «Sorry,» but in other cities – Caracas, for example – they hear: «What a pity,» which they can then take to mean: «It wasn’t my fault.»

What do we do? I guess there’s only one thing for it. Flutter your eyelashes and begin every encounter with: «I don’t speak Spanish very well, but…»

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