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Blonde Spanglish #8: We’re a Couple

Blonde Spanglish: We’re a couple

What’s wrong with that? Oh, this one makes me feel sad. My friend was having a long but very slow dating experience with a cute Colombian, you know, one week you see him and the next week you don’t. Eventually, he sent her a message asking about a date and she replied telling him when she was available. His response was: «Oki ahí estamos cuadrando».

And she didn’t have a clue what that meant? No, not a clue. So she asked a Colombian friend, but by accident she asked him to translate «estamos cuadrados» instead. His reply was: «Oh that means you’re boyfriend and girlfriend.» Now my friend is a sensible girl but sometimes you lose your sensibilities. She felt a surge of excitement even though she should have known better.

Of course, because… «Estamos cuadrados» might mean we’re novios but «estamos cuadrando» most definitely does not. It means something like: «Okay, we’ll play it by ear.»

Oh it’s terrible. Yep. Definitely not a mistake you want to make.

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