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Blonde Spanglish #7: The ‘Affair’

Blonde Spanglish: The ‘Affair’

This is one of my favourites… I know, it is so unfortunate. A beautiful, blonde friend of ours was trying to politely describe an arroz en bajo relationship she’d experienced in Santa Marta to some posh Colombian friends. The relationship hadn’t ended well but she was determined to convince them she hadn’t been left broken hearted by her first Colombian dating experience…

Right, so she decided to tell them… that it had been an adventure. That her experience had been new, exciting and a good way for her to learn about the dating differences between her home and this beautiful country. The conversation took place over dinner.

And the problem was? Well, she used the word aventura which does translate as adventure but more troublingly, also means affair. And that was exactly how they took it. The old man almost choked on his arroz con pollo. She won’t make that mistake again!

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