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Blonde Spanglish #6: I’ll Call/Love You

Blonde Spanglish: I’ll Call/Love You

That’s not Spanglish, it’s a hearing problem… Okay, okay, but it’s still a real danger. A friend of mine was over excited to hear the words ‘Te amo’ (I love you) at the end of a phone call when what she was really being told was something akin to ‘Te llamo’. They can be similar to the untrained ear.

Sometimes the woes of blonde girls here really makes me want to weep… Don’t be sarcastic, this is a serious thing! Imagine if someone really does tell you ‘te amo’ and you think it’s ‘te llamo’ so you say something like «Okay, cool, talk later…»

Surely it’s worse the other way around? Ha! Yes! «I love you too… oh, what… sorry, you’re just calling me later… okay… er, scratch that, I don’t love you at all…er, amigo.» Yes, that is definitely not a mistake you want to make. If in doubt, always assume he is saying ‘te llamo’…

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