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Blonde Spanglish #5: Weak Knees

Blonde Spanglish: Weak at the Knees

I knew you would bring that up… Because it’s yours and it makes me laugh so much. Don’t worry, we’ll just call you a ‘blonde friend’…

Okay. So you have this ‘blonde friend’… Yes and she was in a club with a hyper romantic Colombian. Worried she wasn’t reciprocating, she tried to tell him, in Spanish, that kissing him made her ‘weak at the knees’.

And? Well, he looked a bit troubled, wouldn’t let her drink any more and kept asking if she was okay. Later he kept talking about how she hadn’t felt well.

It’s just so embarrassing… Yes, but at least we now know that ‘weak at the knees’ doesn’t translate well. He just thought you, I mean ‘my blonde friend’, had over indulged on the wine…

The Bogotá Blonde