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Blonde Music #5: Totó la Momposina

Blonde Music Tip: Toto la Momposina

Now that’s a cool lady… Yep, Toto is from one of those musical families and has been influenced by everything, from her childhood near Mompos to her time in Bogota and the years she spent studying music in Paris…

And the music? Colombia personified, Toto (Sonia Bazanta Vides) has both African-Colombian and indigenous roots and combines it all, think bagpipes, drums, cumbia etc. Her 1993 album La Candela Viva is a good place to start.

What else should we know? Toto accompanied Garcia Marquez to Stockholm when he received his Nobel Prize in 1982. Oh and 50 Cent also sampled her song La Verdolaga in Get Down. All hail!

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