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Blonde Music Tip #3: Jorge Celedon

Blonde Music Tip: Jorge Celedon

You know most foreigners don’t really like vallenato… You’re right. Maybe we’re too uptight for the jolly, upbeat sound, the intimate dancing, the alcohol-soaked, occasionally wayward lyrics. I love it though…

And Jorge Celedon is a good place to start? Definitely. Baby-faced Jorgito (you won’t believe he’s 44) is like most coastal folk – in a good mood about everything. The hit Que Bonita Es Esta Vida says it all. Also try La Invitacion… como te quiero Colombia!

Anything else we should know? Erm, Celedon is from La Guajira, he won a Latin Grammy – oh, and he once sang in the White House for George W Bush, celebrating Colombian Independence Day.

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