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Blonde Food Tip #4: Ajiaco

Blonde Food Tip: Ajiaco

Are you seriously bringing potato soup to the table? Are you seriously downgrading Santa Fe ajiaco into a mere potato soup? It’s one of my favorite Colombian meals – chicken, corn-on-the-cob, three types of potato, lashings of cream, rice, avocado, capers… shall I go on? …

Is ajiaco just a Bogota thing? Yep, there are some poor imitations across the continent but we’re the best, as always. If you do get a good Bogota ajiaco, you won’t need to eat again for the rest of the day – although you may find room for a dollop of arequipe afterwards.

But how do you make it? Sssshhh… you don’t make ajiaco. It arrives on the table fully-formed, like some divine creation of the Gods…

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