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Blonde Book #5: Persuasion

Blonde Book: Persuasion (Jane Austen)

I knew Jane Austen would eventually make an appearance… Me too! And this one in particular reminds me so much of Colombian dating. It also happens to be one of my favorites.

Why? Okay, so the heroine is lovely old Anne Elliott, whose sister and father conspire to stop her marrying the man she loves, Frederick Wentworth, when she is just 19. Most of the story takes place when she is 27, single and still in love with Captain Wentworth. He is single too but, burned by her rejection, is determined to be with any woman but her.

And this is Colombian how? Because Captain Wentworth is such a rolo! He is upset that she rejected him but rather than pursuing the cause and finding out that she was actually forced into it (and that she still loves him) he masks his disappointment with pride and goes running after every woman in sight. The whole thing could have been sorted if he had only spoken to her about it.

Ha! Switch Bath, England for Bogotá, Colombia and… Exactly. I love this book. And I also see it unfold every day…

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