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Blonde Beauty Tip #4: Ombré Hair

Blonde Beauty Tip: Ombré Hair

What? Man hair? No, ombré hair not hombre hair. It’s all the rage in Hollywood. Basically, celebrities are dip-dying the ends of their lovely long hair to give it a two-tone, slightly hippie look. Fans include Drew Barrymore, SJP and Rachel Bilson.

Hang on, so the top is dark and the bottom is light? That’s right. It looks a little bit like a brunette growing out blonde highlights, except the roots are really long so the light colour falls at eye level or lower. It really does look like it’s been dip-dyed.

Why? Well, most women are over the idea of super straight hair nowadays, choosing long, loose curls instead. Ombré is the perfect colour for that because it accentuates the curls while adding to the idea that you’re super glamorous even though you don’t really care. If that sounds like the look for you, type ombré into google, print a picture and scurry down to your local salon.

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