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Blonde Beauty Tip #3: Salon Make-up

Blonde Beauty Tip: Salon Make-up

Indulgent but so satisfying… I know, it’s great having nothing left to do on a posh night out – nails done, hair done, make-up done – even set against local salaries, professional make-up is a lot more affordable than home…

But it can go scarily wrong… Yep, choose wisely and leave plenty of time for adjusting and, er, scrubbing. Go steady on the eyebrows, fill the eye liner gaps. I’m also nervous about hygiene.

Why? They sometimes use foundation sponge pads more than once, so buy new ones and take them with you. Also invest in heavy duty remover – fall asleep in this make-up and you’ll be scared to see it still immaculate in the morning. It has stamina.

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