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Blonde Art Tip #6: Édgar Negret

Blonde Art Tip: Édgar Negret

Ahhh, I thought it was about time for a sculptor… Damn right and funnily enough, most people will have seen Negret’s work in Bogotá without having a clue who he is…

Are you going to enlighten us? Yep. Have you seen that tall red ‘cascade’ sculpture in Parque Virrey? That’s Negret’s work, his speciality was structures, usually in metal. Born in Popayán, he studied at the Fine Arts school in Cali. As a constructivist sculptor, he was one of the most prominent in Colombia in the 20th Century. He did fantastic works inspired by the sun too – I think you can still see one of them at the José María Córdoba airport in Medellín and there are others all around the world. El Maíz is one of the most famous – it’s displayed at the Art Museum of the Americas in Washington DC.

There was something sad about Negret too, right? Well, he died in Bogotá on his 92nd birthday (October 11, 2012) if that’s what you mean. But I’m not sure any of us could complain about living to 92?

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