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Blonde Art Tip #4: Crisp

Blonde Art Tip: Crisp

Crisp as in potato chip? Nope, Crisp as in the newest kid on the block when it comes to the city’s graffiti scene – an artist whose work ranges from Vader and anti-capitalism to beautifully decorated masks…

You’re a bit of a graffiti fan, aren’t you? I’m a fan of Crisp, an Australian and true art fiend. If you’ve seen Barack Obama on the Septima or maybe Yoda, that’s your man.

Where else should I look? All over, from La Macarena to Cedritos, via Chapinero. You’ll find the Crisp stamp on a variety of works, from the people of Colombia’s Pacific Coast to swathes of sea animals.

And the masks? You’ll be lucky. Word has it that when he started pasting them onto walls in La Candelaria they disappeared faster than he could work…

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