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Blonde Art Tip #3: Alejandro Obregon

Blonde Art Tip: Alejandro Obregon

Yet more talent from the coast… Half-Colombian Obregon was born in Barcelona. But, from childhood, he spent a lot of his life in Barranquilla and Cartagena is alive with his memory too. He died in 1992 aged 71…

What sort of work are we talking? He was foremost a painter – surrealist, poignant use of colour. Some say he was influenced by Picasso. The paintings inspired by La Violencia – such as El Velorio and La Violencia – are a good place to start. But the breadth of his life’s work is astonishing.

What else should we know? Obregon is said to be one of the ‘Big Five’ of Colombian art, alongside Fernando Botero et al – guys who were at the heart of Colombia’s artistic renaissance in the 1950s.

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