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Blonde Art Tip #1: Fernando Botero

Blonde Art Tip: Fernando Botero Angulo

Groundbreaking… Ssh, we have to start somewhere and this is hardly the beginning, have you been to the Gold Museum? Anyway, Medellin boy Botero’s work is celebrated worldwide and he’s still going strong at 80…

What’s the big deal? Instantly recognisable for the rotundness of his figures, Botero abstractly covers every aspect of Colombian life from parties and bedroom antics to cartels and Presidents… and that’s only the half of it.

Where would I find him? Start at Museo Botero (Clle 11 # 4 -41) and the National Museum. Check out Medellin’s Plaza de Botero sculptures too. And don’t ignore his more international work, the 2005 Abu Ghraib series was a sensation. The man himself now lives in Paris.

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