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Bizarre Dating Ritual #9: I Love You

Bizarre Dating Ritual: I Love You

Ha! Do you mean te quiero or te amo? Exactly.

You’re not going to open that can of worms? Yes, because it’s bizarre. We know the difference between ‘luv ya’ and ‘love you to bits’ etc. and ‘I love you’ and we would never seriously use any of the former in a relationship, unless we were breaking up with someone and wanted to soften the blow…

But what’s the difference? I take ‘te quiero’ to mean ‘luv ya’ – fine for family, friends and on-the-phone but I don’t want to hear it otherwise. You either amarme or you don’t doll, there’s no proclamation for the undecided.

You are so complicated! Correct. What took you so long?

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