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Bizarre Dating Ritual #8: Who Pays?

Bizarre Dating Ritual: Who Pays?

Easy. He does if you like him. Split the check if you don’t… Those are NYC/London rules! If a man invites you here, he invites you. Enjoy it…

At first… Yes. We all know blonde girls don’t stand for being treated like princesses for very long and this is the bizarre bit. Once you’ve got to the ‘split-the-check’ stage, or at least when you want to buy some drinks, your man may suddenly offer to ‘look after’ your money on a night out…

What! Why? It could be a blonde-girl-safety thing but in my experience, it just means he can continue to ‘pay’ for things and not lose face.

Adorable! You think? Less suffragette and more just suffer it? As you will, lady, as you will. But tuck away some of your cash. Just in case.

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