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Bizarre Dating Ritual #15 : Fake Sulk

Bizarre Dating Ritual: The Fake Sulk

That sounds awful… It would be awful, if it wasn’t so funny…

I assume a sulk is what I think it is… Oh, it’s exactly that. The cold shoulder and highly disappointed face that follows any sort of rejection, from refusing to go home with a young man to explaining how you would just like to be friends.

How can you say it’s funny? Well, that’s the best part. Anyone with a real problem – i.e someone who is in a genuine sulk or angry about something serious – feels it deeply. It’s difficult to make them laugh. But a guy in a fake sulk can’t help himself. If you call him on his pretence and have a good giggle about it, he’ll end up laughing too.

Ridiculous! I know. But even a fake sulk shows they’re trying. Not that I’ve ever seen it work.

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