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Bizarre Dating Ritual #14: ‘Low Rice’

Bizarre Dating Ritual: The ‘Low Rice’ or Arroz en Bajo

Collective groan from blonde women everywhere! Agreed. Could we hate this any more?

You’d better define it, for those who are blissfully unaware… Okay, well there are many definitions of arroz en bajo but one is to imagine a crowded hob with various pans cooking. You’ve got the exciting food – the meat and vegetables etc. – cooking nicely with that big old pan of rice simmering quietly in the background.

And? Well, you keep the rice on low heat, because you never know when you’re going to need it again. Perhaps something goes wrong with the heart of the meal. Or perhaps you’re still hungry afterwards. Anyway, that’s the ‘low rice’ – the woman you keep calling or ‘stirring’ from time to time just to make sure she’s still around when you decide you need her.

Oh God, it’s horrendous. The trick is to try and figure out where you are. Nothing worse than thinking it’s nice with plenty of spice and then it turns out… you’re the rice.

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