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Bizarre Dating Ritual #13: Tester Kisses

Bizarre Dating Ritual: The Tester Kiss

What on Earth? You must have experienced The Tester Kiss! One of the cutest things about dating Colombians and it probably all stems from the Avoid-a-Kiss

What is it? You know how most foreign men will choose a moment to kiss a girl for the first time and just go for it, basically with a lunge? Well that’s not the case here. Colombian women are so adept at ducking their heads to avoid a first kiss, their menfolk have developed a method to see if they’re about to be rejected.

How? They give a woman a super swift kiss on the mouth, moving away before she has time to react. If they manage it successfully, she’s probably not going to resist the proper kiss. If she ducks, he’s already moving away, so it’s less of a fail.

Ingenious! Yep. And you thought evolution was a slow process…

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