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Bizarre Dating Ritual #11: I’ll Call You

Bizarre Dating Ritual: I’ll Call You

Don’t call me… I’ll call you? No, it’s more like: «Would you like to do something later?» and you reply: «Yes, that would be lovely,» so he says: «Okay great, I’ll call you,» …

So far, so normal… Yep, except you don’t know what you are doing, where you are doing it or what time you are expected to be ready. You can expect to be drip fed these details over the course of the day.

How many calls are we talking? Erm… maybe three? It’s like he has to keep everything up his sleeve when you’re a control freak who, at the very least, would quite like to figure out what to wear.

What can we do? Beyond throwing a hissy fit? Nothing.

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