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Rodrigo Obregón, farewell.


I never meet Rodrigo Obregón Osorio, but I had a brief correspondence with him due to my diplomatic work and his work as director of the National Ballet of Colombia, just a year ago, when we explored possibilities that this emblematic dance group founded by the Rodrigo´s mother, the legendary Sonia Osorio, will perform in Chicago.

Now when I know about his death, not only is the possibility of ballet presentation frustrated, but the opportunity to continue the conversation on other topics, such as telling him that I had mentioned him in a book of my authorship regarding foreign cinematographic references about Colombia or Colombians, due his incursion as an actor in Hollywood, where he was relatively successful, being his most prominent participation in a film with Arnold Schwarzenegger, «Collateral Damage» (2002) and the talented Colombian actor John Leguízamo, whose story supposedly takes place in our country.

John Leguizamo y Rodrigo Obregón

Once Sir Roger Moore, remembered that Rodrigo had worked on films with sons of the famous British actor, one movie with Geoffrey Moore (Fit to Kill, 1993) and other one with Deborah Moore, a film filmed in Cartagena de Indias, (Top Line, 1989 ), an Italian production starring the legendary Franco Nero. “Yes, Rodrigo has worked with most of my family. What a good taste!” Replied Sir Roger with his unmistakable sense of humor. Rodrigo Obregón seems to have specialized filming with children of celebrities, as he was himself, because his first film was with Eleonora Vallone, daughter of the famous Raf Vallone, another Italian film filmed in Colombia, “Erotic Escape” (1985).

Top Line
Eleonora Vallone and Rodrigo Obregón

It is not easy to be a son of celebrities and Rodrigo was twice, huge talents as were the painter Alejandro Obregón and the dancer Sonia Osorio. Surnames that may facilitate some steps, but in the long run, hinder which large stones, the path itself. Rodrigo, as it should happen to many in his condition, wanted to build his own name, as an actor and stunt action, because he learned to be an acrobat and thanks to his physical condition, he made his risk scenes himself.

Finally, the success in acting came not in Hollywood, but in his own land, incarnating a mysterious villain in the TV series «Escalona» (1991), that marked the way of Carlos Vives, its protagonist, as the great renovator of the rhythm of Vallenato in Colombia and the first Colombian artist of international relevance that opened the doors to those who have followed in his footsteps. Rodrigo Obregón played Anastasio Espuelas, a character as dark as charming.

Rodrigo Obregón and Carlos Vives

In recent years, Rodrigo Obregón Osorio continued sporadically working as actor, but he was totally involved with the National Ballet of Colombia, with projects and commitments that hopefully can continue in the future, to honor his memory, RIP.


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